It may be a bit of a cliché, but everyone loves to visit the gift shop when they go to a museum, right? From the ever popular postcards, badges and magnets, to more unusual things such as an Egyptian rubber duck, a rosary or cheese flavoured chocolate, people bring back all kinds of souvenirs from their museum trips.

The Museum of Museum Souvenirs is an online crowdsourced collection, where these souvenirs can all find a home. If you have any museum souvenirs sitting at home, we’d love to add them to the collection. Don’t worry though, the originals remain with you, we just need photographs.

As well as souvenirs bought in museum gift shops, we also accept souvenirs that you made at a museum, e.g. at an event or workshop, a museum souvenir that someone brought you back as a gift, or other kinds of souvenirs that are a memento of a museum experience.

The homepage shows the most recent acquisitions to the collection via the slider window, or you can browse all entries via the gallery page. On the homepage, just click on the entry in the main slider window to read the full details and view any additional photographs for that souvenir. In the gallery, click on a thumbnail to view the image in a full size slide show, or click on the title underneath a thumbnail to view that souvenir’s page.

All details on how to contribute to Museum Souvenirs can be found on our CONTACT page. So, go and dig out your museum souvenirs and help us grow our online collection!