Magnet #1

Magnet. Laurel and Hardy Museum, Ulverston, England. 2011.

Submitted by Elaine Macintyre.

“When I was a kid, the BBC used to show Laurel and Hardy films just about every day and I loved them. So when I found myself at a loose end in Ulverston, birthplace of Stan Laurel, I made a beeline for the ‘World Famous Laurel and Hardy Museum’. Tt not only tells you everything you need to know about the lives of Stan and Olly, but also provides a fascinating insight into the early days of Hollywood. Best of all, the museum reminds you of just how funny the odd couple really were. I came out of the museum with a smile ten miles wide, feeling like a kid again.”

Galleries: All Souvenirs and Magnets. Tags: England, Laurel and Hardy Museum, and magnet.

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