Tote Bag #9

Tote Bag. ICOM CECA, Reykjavik, Croatia. 2011

Submitted by Jenni Fuchs

This tote bag represents quite a whirlwind time for me. I had signed up to attend the ICOM CECA conference well in advance, then we moved from Edinburgh to Berlin quite suddenly. The only way to still o, was to take my then 10 month old baby with my, as my husband couldn’t get time off work, having just started a new job. So I enlisted my parents to come as well, and we fly to Zagreb to meet them there, about three weeks after we had just moved in to our new house in Berlin. They looked after the baby during the day while I was at the conference – though he did make an appearance so everyone could coo over him. Then we drove back to Berlin via Vienna, where we also spent a few days. Phew. I feel exhausted just thinking back to it. But it was a great little road trip!

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